Statutory retention periods for occupational medical records

March 13, 2024Tealio1 min read time
Statutory retention periods for occupational medical records

In South Africa, there are legal requirements for how long companies must retain occupational medical records. This helps ensure employee health and safety, and protects both employers and workers in case of future issues.

Purpose or Occupational Risk Exposure Retention Period After Last Entry
Primary Medical Care with No Occupational Exposure 6 - 25 Years
Fitness for Work 10 Years
Exposure to Lead 40 Years
Exposure to Radiation 40 Years
Exposure to Hazardous Chemical Substances 30 Years
Exposure to Noise 40 Years
Exposure to Hazardous Biological Agents 40 Years
Mineworkers 40 Years
Divers 6 Years
Exposure to Asbestos 40 Years
Injury-on-Duty (IOD) Treatment 10 Years After Treatment
Occupational Diseases 40 Years
Mining OH Records 40 Years

By understanding and adhering to these retention periods, South African businesses can ensure they are compliant with the law and protecting the well-being of their employees.

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