Improving data quality, reporting and health assessments across your organisation.

With Tealio, you can achieve more with less. Our solutions are designed to bring about increased efficiency, streamline your operations, and provide unmatched cost savings to help you maximize your benefits. Our cloud-based delivery and straightforward pricing model allow you to swiftly get started, offering you peace of mind knowing that you've made the optimal choice for your business, both in the present and for the future.

Digital Record-Keeping
Effortlessly store all your records in the digital cloud for convenient access anytime, from anywhere.
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Electronic Health Records (EHR)
Efficiently create and manage electronic health records, complete with the ability to customize medical forms.
Secure File and Data Retention
Keep historical records accessible at all times, for up to 40 years to meet your compliance needs.
Access Rights Management
Take control of access rights for your team members and project collaborators/partners with ease.
Group Screenings
Mass screen your employees or students with ease, and generate reports for your organization.
Automated Medical Certificates
Swiftly generate a variety of medical certificates, including Fit-to-Work, OEUK, NOGEPA, Annexure 3, and more.
Integration with Other Systems
Seamlessly scan and upload your existing files alongside digital forms for streamlined operations.
File Management
Efficiently manage all your files in one central location, eliminating the risk of lost documents.
Self Check-in Service
Empower your customers to check in independently and input their personal details effortlessly.
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Secure Cloud Storage
Rest assured with secure cloud storage, ensuring that your data remains accessible only to authorized individuals.
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Record Compliance
Ensure compliance of your health screening with POPIA, GDPR, and other relevant regulations.
Unlimited Project Viewers
Share your projects with an unlimited number of viewers and collaborators, granting them the ability to create reports and access data as needed.
Risk Management Insights
Gain valuable insights into your risk management and health surveillance programs to make informed decisions.
Audit Logs
Maintain a comprehensive record of all changes made to your data, along with user accountability.
Electronic Signatures
Eliminate the need for physical document signatures by electronically signing and securely storing files in the cloud.
Certificate Authenticity Verification
Easily verify certificate authenticity using a QR code for added peace of mind.
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Scheduling Calendar
Offer your patients the convenience of scheduling their own appointments, enhancing their experience.
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Collect Payments
Effortlessly collect payments from your patients through supported payment platforms, simplifying financial transactions.
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Automated Referral
Automatically identify patients who require referral based on their health assessment results, ensuring prompt and appropriate care.
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