The tool you need to optimize your operations as an occupational health or mass screener provider.

Consolidated Patient Records

No-hassle transition toward secure digital record-keeping. All patient files collected from Tealio’s standardized electronic records, medical devices electronic files, or any type of paper forms scanned and uploaded to Tealio are consolidated under a single patient record.

Guarantee top-tier result while simultaneously reducing costs and saving time.

Modular Workflow with Tealio
online patient enrollment with Tealio

Self Check-In Service

Enable clients to manually check themselves in prior the health assessment or while in the waiting room. Effortlessly gather employee data, questionnaires, and consent forms through online interactive forms, saving you time and reducing paperwork.

Wish to continue using paper forms? No problem, Scan and upload your papers to keep it safe and secure all in one place.

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Electronic Health Records (EHR)
and Medical Certificates

Enhance team productivity and collaboration by synchronizing real-time health assessments data points. This provides increased visibility and accuracy as patients move between stations or over remote locations.

Aggregated patient health records and historical data expedites fitness status assessments and facilitates one-click generation of medical certificates, saving you time and reducing paperwork.

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patient health overview, ehr, documents and exams
share results by email, csv or pdf

Easy sharing and export

Communicate fitness results to employers, contractors, and employees through our digital platform accessible via any computer or mobile device.

Or easily download health assessment results by the press of a button, saving you valuable time and reducing printing costs.

Reports and Analytics at your fingertips

Analyze, track and monitor your health assessment results across your organization to identify potential risks and proactively address them.

Create your own custom reports to gain insights into your health assessment results and identify trends.

reporting and analytics with Tealio

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