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Learn why ABC Screening chose Tealio as the driver to scale up

How ABC Screening is using Tealio digitized its workflows

ABC Screening provided health screening services to schools and was faced with limited resources and overwhelming time spent on paperwork from enrollment to sharing the screening results with parents.

Tealio's modular solution was tailored to ABC Screening workflows and automated their entire screening process. The centralized management solution allowed the team to easily access and update patient information and exam results. This helped in maintaining accurate and up-to-date records, which in turn improved communication and collaboration among team members. The company has leveraged Tealio to set up new projects daily, tracking engagement , allocating resources more effectively, and reaching a larger population with the same resources.

Better utilize your medical devices and reduce time spent per patient

Tealio unified interface for medical devices revolutionizes the way care providers interact with these devices, streamlining their workflow and expedite patient care. The integration of medical devices with the electronic health record system ensures seamless data transmission, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing administrative overhead. It significantly improves the efficiency of medical exams, reduces time spent per patient, eliminates time consuming manual processes, allowing the healthcare providers to focus on patient care.

Moreover, the platform is designed to minimize human errors by standardizing procedures and automating repetitive tasks, reducing the likelihood of mistakes caused by manual intervention. This not only enhances patient safety but also increases the reliability and accuracy of medical data. Overall, the efficient use of medical devices has transformed healthcare delivery, optimizing patient care, enhancing data integrity, and streamlining administrative processes.

“Using the Spot Vision Screener to screen students is very easy, but managing it on a mass scale is another issue. While it takes just a few seconds to perform te exam, the administration around each student would take us almost 10 minute - verifying the student has a signed consent form and payment has been provided, recording the student information on the small device screen, and copying the exam results from the device to our records and the form shared with the parents. Tealio is solving all that for us and we can screen over 250 students a day.”

Bianca K. | Field Operator

Rapid Growth

ABC Screening has successfully expanded its services to additional schools and educational institutions in various regions. By leveraging Tealio's platform, the organization was able to deploy local teams to carry out these new projects. The implementation of Tealio's solutions allowed for better engagement tracking and more efficient allocation of resources and empowered ABC Screening to seamlessly manage and monitor their operations in different locations, ensuring a consistent and high-quality screening service across all regions served.

Another factor contributing to the rapid growth of the company was its utilization of Tealio to facilitate seamless interaction with teachers and school personnel. Through Tealio's platform, the company was able to efficiently provide the necessary information about upcoming screening programs, eliminating the need for teachers and school staff to actively support the process and significantly increasing their satisfaction. With Tealio's automated workflows, schools communicated with parents just once, digitally sharing all the required information. This streamlined approach not only reduced the burden on teachers and school staff but also enhanced the overall efficiency and convenience of the screening program for all stakeholders involved.

"By managing our operations on a single platform like Tealio, we can seamlessly nurture patients and launch projects faster in specific regions, without any slowdowns. This speed is crucial for us as a growing organization, and it helps us provide prompt care to our customers."

Dan A. | Owner

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