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See how Cyber School utilized Tealio to service larger audience under their preventative care program

Cyber School Technology Solutions launching a large scale operation

Cyber School Technology Solutions in partnership with the Mastercard foundation have launched a preventative care program, aiming to to service the company’s 1,300 schools. Tealio has enabled the company to provide high-quality and efficient health assessments to a broad audience through their newly established operation. By utilizing the Tealio platform and leveraging its workflow automation, they have been able to deliver preventative care to a large audience efficiently and effectively. Screening ten times more students using the same resources and recording the patients results in a centralized location for continuous follow-up and patient overview.

Reduce time spent per patient and human errors

Prior to implementing Tealio, screening field operators dedicated a significant amount of time to manual administrative tasks rather than focusing on the screening itself. However, by leveraging Tealio, the company achieved significant improvements in reducing the time spent per patient and minimizing human errors. With Tealio's end-to-end automation, the administration process is completed digitally by the patients, ahead of the screening day. This automation significantly improves efficiency and allows field operators to dedicate their time and attention to the actual screening process, providing a more efficient and improved experience for patients.

heckit played a crucial role in automating various tasks and establishing personalized workflows tailored to the company's specific requirements. Through automation, tasks such as patient enrollment, sharing assessment results, and follow-up processes were streamlined and optimized. The integration of medical devices with the Tealio platform also optimized the utilization of medical devices and enabled real-time data synchronization. This unified interface and synchronized data facilitated faster and more accurate clinical decision-making, ultimately leading to enhanced patient outcomes and optimized healthcare delivery.

Continuous Follow-Up

The integration of medical devices with the Tealio platform facilitates continuous follow-up through real-time data synchronization. This empowers healthcare teams to efficiently monitor project progress while effectively tracking patient status and ensuring their healthcare needs are met. Moreover, the platform's direct communication features enable seamless interaction between healthcare providers and patients, promoting personalized care and timely resolution of queries.

Furthermore, the Tealio platform offers a centralized overview of patients by allowing the uploading of their healthcare documentation, even if they were examined outside the project. This comprehensive feature ensures that healthcare providers have a complete and holistic view of the patient's medical history, facilitating more informed decision-making and personalized care.

Foster stakeholders accountability, transparency, and confidence

The implementation of Tealio's solutions plays a crucial role in building trust among stakeholders and investors. By streamlining the health assessment process through automated workflows, Tealio offers dashboards that provide a live view of the progress made, enabling stakeholders to track the fulfillment and care of flagged patients over time.

This level of transparency is particularly important as the program is financed by an NGO. It allows stakeholders to understand where and how the funds are being allocated and what benefits are being delivered to the community. By providing this comprehensive view, Tealio helps foster accountability, transparency, and confidence in the program's operations and outcomes, delivering exceptional experiences for all involved.

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