Nuvolis using Tealio

How Nuvolis leveraged an existing market and expanded to offer preventative care services

Why Nuvolis chose Tealio as a partner while launching its preventative care operation?

Nuvolis, the ed-tech giant in LATAM, which caters to numerous schools across the continent, embarked on a new venture to expand its services into health-tech. As part of their strategic decision to establish a preventative care operation serving thousands of students annually, the company sought the assistance of Tealio. Through the implementation of Tealio's management platform and the expert guidance provided by Tealio professionals, the company was able to successfully launch its operation within a remarkably short span of a few months.

Collaborating closely with the Nuvolis team, Tealio diligently understood their specific requirements while offering valuable insights and recommendations. Leveraging its highly customizable modular workflows, designed specifically to facilitate large-scale screenings, Nuvolis seamlessly integrated Tealio platform into the company's new operations empowering them to efficiently manage and conduct mass screenings while ensuring schools, students and parents satisfaction.

Scale at a speed never thought possible

The company faced numerous challenges while building a new operation in an unfamiliar domain. However, with the implementation of Tealio management platform and the active on-line and on-site training on the first locations in Colombia, the new team rapidly were able to streamline their processes and create efficient workflows assessing hundreds of students a day.

By mapping out their operation within Tealio management platform, the company gained a clear understanding of their workflows and processes, allowing them to identify bottlenecks and optimize their operations for greater efficiency.

Once refined, these workflows were then easily duplicated and deployed in Ecuador while easily tailoring the required changes to support local regulations and requirements. Tealio supported the company in meeting their objectives effectively, as the company is continuously growing fast and expected to deploy its operation in additional 5 countries in Latin America.

Nuvolis with Hearing Screening

Exceptional Health Assessments Experiences

Implementing workflow automation for health assessments offers a range of benefits, resulting in exceptional experiences for healthcare providers and patients alike. The centralized real-time overview of the various projects running at the same time in remote locations, allowed the team to effectively allocate resources, stay on top of their tasks, and easily track the projects performance from anywhere. By automating processes the digital platform enabled seamless collection of enrollment information and consents, and efficient dissemination of information. It improved efficiency, accuracy, and patient engagement, leading to a more streamlined and effective healthcare experience. This not only saves time but also enables healthcare professionals to connect directly with their patients, facilitating personalized care and addressing any concerns promptly.

Transparency and Trust

The utilization of the platform delivers transparency and fosters trust in the health assessment processes. It is promoting effective collaboration and comprehensive healthcare management. By inviting collaborators from outside the organization, such as school personnel and other stakeholders, the company provides visibility into the project progress and outcomes on the Tealio portal. Additionally, insight reports provide comprehensive summary information for each location, offering statistical data without including patient-specific information. These reports can be shared with the school, program managers, district, organizers, and other relevant parties, further promoting transparency and facilitating informed decision-making.

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