Scope Plus Group + Tealio

How Scope Plus Group gained a competitive edge by using Tealio?

Scope Plus Group faced challenges with manual paperwork and time-consuming data transfer processes. Their introduction to Tealio, a digital solution, significantly transformed their workflow and improved the overall efficiency of their medical practice.

Patient Forms Simplification

Patients used to spend 10-20 minutes filling out forms, leading to extended waiting room times. With Tealio, Scope Plus Group streamlined the process, reducing form completion time to just 3 minutes. Patients can now fill out forms at home or use a QR code in the waiting room. The system's flexibility allows customization based on individual customer needs.

Real-Time Reporting for Medical Examinations:

It used to take days to transfer data from paper to digital reports, causing delays in sharing information with companies and employees. Tealio enables real-time reporting, automating the generation of reports and certificates immediately after medical examinations. This enhances decision-making and communication with companies and employees.

Handling Increased Workload and Deadlines:

Tealio's efficiency became evident when faced with a surge in customers. The system ensured that reporting deadlines were met. Clients appreciate the fast and convenient nature of Tealio, ensuring everything works according to the schedule. Using Tealio has given Scope Plus Group a competitive edge over other medical practices.

User-Friendly Onboarding and Collaboration:

Tealio's onboarding process was seamless, requiring minimal explanation for collaborators to start using the system effortlessly. New collaborators were added without difficulty, and even remote doctors were integrated by simply sharing a link.

"Tealio is wonderful. We are really enjoying it, and our clients are enjoying it. It is very flexible and we received timely assistance and support. We receive good feedback from the employees. [...] With Tealio, we have an edge over our competitors."

Francis N. | Owner of Scope Plus Group

Benefits of Tealio for Scope Plus Group:
  • Time Savings: Patients spend less time on paperwork, and healthcare professionals save time on data entry and report generation.
  • Flexibility: Customizable forms cater to the specific needs of each customer.
  • Real-Time Insights: Immediate access to reports enhances decision-making and communication with companies and employees.
  • Deadline Compliance: The system ensures timely reporting, even during periods of increased workload.
  • User-Friendly: Easy onboarding and seamless collaboration make Tealio accessible to all team members, including remote doctors.

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