Tomlinson Optometrists using Tealio

Learn how Tomlinson Optometrists increased practice footprint with Tealio

Increased reach with the same resources

With the new workflows in place, the practice personnel can now prioritize screening patients in outreach programs and attending to a greater number of patients in the clinic. The time saved enables the practice personnel to extend their reach to more patients. Consequently, the practice has experienced a noticeable increase in patient inflow, with the majority of flagged children promptly seeking further evaluation and treatment at the clinic.

“We are definitely getting more patients into our clinic. We are finding kids that cannot see, even in affluent areas, the majority of the flagged children end up coming straight to our clinic.”

Esna V. | Owner

Direct communication with patients

The utilization of Tealio online tools has greatly reduced the necessity of communicating with parents through school administration or teachers. Upon sharing an enrollment link with parents, the Tealio platform automates all communication with patients, enabling direct interactions ranging from enrollment and consent to sharing exam results. This advancement brings about satisfaction among teachers, who are no longer burdened with the task of collecting paper consents and engaging in follow-ups with parents and children. Moreover, the platform securely stores and logs all patient information and clinical data, eliminating the requirement to maintain hard copy forms for future years.

“When I tell the schools about Tealio their response is – Really! That’s going to save me so much time. The teachers are really happy they don’t have to do any admin”

Esna V. | Owner

Reduce administrative efforts and increase efficiency

The new process has become highly efficient; following the screening, a simple click of a button suffices to promptly send the reports directly to all parents. In contrast, in the past, a substantial amount of time was consumed by excessive paperwork, documentation, data copying, and generating separate printed copies for each patient. This advancement also fosters increased trust. The use of digital forms imparts a professional demeanor, ensuring reliable delivery of medical reports to parents. With handwritten reports, there is no guarantee that parents will receive them either through their children or the school.

“Using Tealio is very efficient. Once the screening is done all we need to do is press a button and the reports get sent out directly to all the parents, before it took us a long time to document everything and print out individual paper prints for everyone”

Bridgitte M. | Visual Therapist

Transparency and trust with the school

Previously, the process of documenting student data used to stretch over several weeks, causing significant delays. Communication with the school involved numerous back-and-forth exchanges before the data could be shared. However, with the implementation of Tealio and its team collaboration features, the procedure has become remarkably streamlined. It is now effortless to include relevant school personnel and teachers, granting them access to the exam results. This enables them to carry out necessary follow-ups and ensure that all flagged children receive the appropriate care they require. The integration of Tealio has significantly expedited the sharing of information and facilitated effective collaboration between the healthcare professionals and school staff.

“At the end of a screening we add the school, allowing the teachers to access the reports, while before there used to be a lot of back-and-forth correspondence which was tedious”

Esna V. | Owner

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